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South Mission Beach is the southern-most beach in the Mission Beach area, a friendly village mainly comprising residential properties. Most of the holiday accommodation is considered beachfront and situated across the road from the beach on Kennedy Esplanade.

South Mission Beach is an ideal holiday destination for people looking to relax. The cosy village, large beach with dramatic views to Dunk Island and proximity to the boat ramps make South Mission Beach a very sought after place for families and fishermen, as well as executives seeking solace.

Facilities in South Mission Beach

A take-away store provides the usual hamburgers, fish and chips and also sells a small selection of convenience grocery lines. Most visitors pick up their food supplies at Wongaling Beach Shopping Village, approx 5.5kms north.

Mission Beach Water Sports and Boat Hire is situated adjacent to the Stinger Enclosure.

For those interested in boating South Mission Beach has an excellent boat ramp at the Hull River as well as a ramp at the southern end of the beach. It is the closest access to Dunk Island and the Family Group of Islands.

Accommodation in South Mission Beach

Mission Beach Holidays is proud to have a large range of holiday accommodation available in South Mission Beach.


Wongaling Beach is considered by locals to be the central hub of the Mission Beach area. It offers a large range of the exclusive and sought after absolute beachfront accommodation on Reid Road and Koda Street. Beachfront properties are also available on Banfield Parade being across the road from the beach.

Facilities in Wongaling Beach

Mission Beach Central Shopping Centre is located at Wongaling Beach. Here you will find Woolworths Supermarket, Bottle Shop and Newsagent.

The small shopping village at Wongaling Beach has a DVD Hire, Chemist, Bottle Shop and a few speciality shops.

There is also a selection of Cafés and Restaurants.

The Dunk Island Water Taxi departs from the beach on Banfield Parade. The trip to Dunk Island takes approximately 10 mins. There are numerous departures throughout the day.


Mission Beach is approx 5kms north of Wongaling Beach. Mission Beach has absolute beachfront accommodation on Pacific Parade and Donkin Lane and beachfront accommodation - across the road from the beach on the northern-most section of Porter Promenade.

Facilities in Mission Beach

The shopping area of Mission Beach has a village atmosphere offering a small Supermarket, Newsagent, Post Office, Helen Wiltshire Art Gallery, Healthy Harvest Health Store and Cafe, plus a selection of Speciality shops, Cafes and Restaurants.

Just north of the village there is a boat ramp and jetty.

Accommodation in Mission Beach

Mission Beach Holidays is proud to have a large range of holiday accommodation available in Mission Beach.


Bingil Bay is 4.8 Kms north of Mission Beach. This is a thriving residential area with the holiday houses being a leisurely 50m stroll to the beach. The beach at Bingil Bay is very picturesque with fringing coconut trees, and considered by many to be the prettiest beachfront in the Mission Beach Area.

Facilities in Bingil Bay

The Famous Bingil Bay Cafe is a popular with Foodies and also offers small general convenience lines.

Bicton Hill walk and the walk around to Brookes Beach are a must.

Accommodation in Bingil Bay

Mission Beach Holidays is proud to have a large range of holiday accommodation available in Bingil Bay.