Mission Beach

Mission Beach is the tropical destination of your imagine. Located mid way between Cairns and Townsville, this thriving tourist town has been able to maintain its sleepy seaside village feel that draws guests back time and time again. The setting in which you find this township sits between beautiful uninhabited islands floating on the turquoise seas of the Great Barrier Reef and cool freshwater streams and waterfalls meandering through World Heritage rainforests – a truly dreamy scene.

Mission Beach is labelled as part of the "Wet Tropics" with magnificent lush greens in the jungle rainforests. The Climate in Mission Beach is tropical, with a warm, wet monsoon season traditionally starting in December/January and finishing around April. Experience the excitement of magnificent thunder and lightning storms, torrential downpours only seen in the tropics, the wildlife, birdlife, frogs, experience the rainforest in its prime. One of the ideal times to visit Mission Beach, for a much needed relax and an experience you can only get in the Monsoonal Season. Marine stingers are prevalent in tropical waters generally from November to May, swim in the enclosures on the beaches at South Mission and Mission Beach or swim in the many cool freshwater streams. In May the famous "Big Blue Ulysses and Giant Green Birdwing" butterflies hatch, in preparation for the magnificent months of July to December, crisp clear days with perfect balmy temperatures and cool nights.

Mission Beach comprises of 4 villages stretching along 14km of golden sandy beaches. The villages are - South Mission Beach, Wongaling Beach, Mission Beach and Bingil Bay. If you are looking for a hassle free and a laid back village feel for your holiday then look no further. Mission Beach may not have the Fine Dining Restaurants or the Designer Label Stores however it offers some of the most beautifully sandy beaches with amazing views to Dunk, Bedarra and the Family Group of Islands you will find in the World.

To enjoy this area, Mission Beach boasts many different self contained accommodation options from affordable to luxury in all different styles ranging from units and bungalows to apartments and stand-alone homes. Whatever your budget and requirements Mission Beach Holidays can find something to suit.