Local Walking Tracks - The Ulysses Link and Cutten Brothers' Walking Tracks

1.5 KM - 30 MINUTES

The Ulysses Link walking track commences on the beachfront at Mission Beach Village. It is named for the brilliant blue Ulysses butterflies, the 1.5km Ulysses Link Walking Track winds its way along the breathtaking foreshore.

The history of Mission Beach has been interwoven along the walk with indigenous and historical stories expressed through mosaics, carvings and ceramic sculptures created by local artists.

The track meanders north to Clump Point where it meets up with The Cutten Brothers’ Walking Track.

The Cutten Brothers’ Walking Track commemorates the first white settlers who came to Mission Beach area in 1882 and settled at Bingil Bay, where they farmed mangoes, bananas, pineapples, coffee, citrus fruit and coconuts. They also manufactured their own coffee. Produce was shipped south on cargo-boats.

The forest on the Cutten Brothers’ Walking Track is known as Complex Mesophyl Lowland Vineforest and is the only surviving remnant left at sea level. This beautiful cool green world is filled with Epiphyte bird nests, Elkhorne ferns, Lianes, Feather leaf tree fern, Cordyline, huge trees with plank buttresses covered in mosses and plants known as Cauliflory.

It is the home to the Cassowary, Scrub Turkey, parrots, wallabies the shy Betong and many small mammals and reptiles. It is also the habitat of dozens of different species of birds and butterflies.

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