Day Tour Suggestions - Licuala Walk/Alligators Nest

Here is a 1.6 km circuit with interpretative signage and suitable for children. You may see the rare and beautiful cassowary, the famous iridescent blue Ulysses butterfly or scrub turkey, parrots or wallabies.

Continue driving towards Tully. At the Highway, turn south toward Tully. From the Highway turn right into Butler Street, the main access into Tully, then right into Murray Street following the cane train tracks.

There are two more right hand turns, and the road is called Murray Street all the way. Continue until you see the signs for ‘Alligators Nest State Forest Park’ where you turn left. From Tully to this point has been 5.8 klm. It is only a further 800 metres to the car park, a beautiful rainforest stream for swimming, picnics or BBQ. Crystal clear water and magnificent surroundings. Toilets, water but no kiosk and definitely NO crocodiles or alligators!!

Return to Tully, the same way, and left onto the Bruce Highway, heading north to El Arish.

An alternative way from the picnic spot to El Arish is via Feluga. At the sign ‘Alligators Nest State Forest Park’ travel straight ahead. Continue over the Bookal Bookal Creek. Watch out at the train crossings during cane crushing season.
Take the first right at the sign saying “Feluga”. Travel past the Feluga School and onto the Feluga Hotel on the corner (5 klm from the Alligators Nest Sign). Follow the road towards the Highway. LOOK OUT FOR TRAINS - DANGER, over the lines, and onto the Highway, where you turn left towards El Arish.
Turn right at the Mission Beach turnoff. Mission Beach is approx. 15km.

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