Local Walking Tracks - Lacey Creek Walk


Lacey’s Creek Walk is approximately 7.5km from Mission Beach Village along the Mission Beach – El-Arish Road. Lacey’s Creek offers you crystal clear waters running over pebble stones. There are picnic tables, BBQ’s and toilet facilities for your convenience.

This walk is best appreciated when walked in an anti-clockwise direction. Starting from the Cassowary Information Shelter, here you can learn about cassowaries, which are frequently seen in the area.

Cassowaries rely on the rainforest for their food and shelter. The fruit of over 230 rainforest plants provides them with a large menu to choose from. Signs identify a variety of the food plants growing near the cassowary information shelter.

The track passes through rainforest and exits at the picnic area near the car park. Signs along the track provide information about the evolution of various plants and animals. About half way round, a viewing platform allows walkers to peer into a calm pool of Lacey Creek and spot saw-shelled turtles and fish of various types. Signs help with identification.

Cassowaries are often spied at Lacey’s Creek.

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