Local Walking Tracks - Licuala Fan Palm Walk


Licuala Fan Palm Walk is accessed from the Tully –Mission Beach Road, approximately 1km after the South Mission Beach turn off heading towards Tully from Mission Beach. There is approximately 1 km of unsealed road to the car park. The walk commences from the car park.

Take along Morning Tea and sit amidst the lush greenery of Licuala Fan Palms. This is a spectacular walk featuring a 10 -15 metre high canopy of Licuala Fan Palms. Mission Beach has approximately 50% of the remaining Fan Palm Forest in Australia. Their fleshy orange fruit is a favourite food of the elusive cassowary.

The walk is a flat easy walk and there are numerous name plaques to ease the curiosity explaining many of the features of the rainforest including cassowaries, vines, epiphytes, strangler figs, ferns, water and nutrient cycling. At the southern end of the loop there is a special 536 metre Fan Palm Boardwalk.

The Children’s walk is approximately 350 metres where by following the Cassowary footprints, the children can view a Cassowary nest and eggs.

You may see the rare Cassowary, the famous iridescent blue Ulysses Butterfly, Green Tree Frog, Scrub Turkeys or Wallabies. Licuala National Park is on the Mission Beach to Tully road.

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