Lookin Good Beauty Salon

Mission Beach Beauty Salon, Lookin' Good offers a selection of relaxing, pampering treatments to revive your skin, body and soul. Our highly skilled beauty therapists create a calm, relaxing environment in which you can escape and indulge the senses.

Using top skincare and bodycare products from Clarins, Jane Iredale, Ultra Ceuticals, and A.S.A.P. Lookin' Good Beauty Salon can help you reverse the damage that the sun, air conditioning, pollution, diet and everyday stress can have on your skin and body.

Whether you have time for only a quick leg wax or eyelash tint, or want an advanced clinical facial, Lookin' Good can fit with your schedule.

Just some of the treatments available are below, however the girls at Lookin Good Beauty Salon can tailor make your perfect treatment….

Mini facial - Quick pick me up if you're in a hurry - $49

Clarins Paris Method Facials - Choose from hydrating, radiance, age defying or super restorative - $99

Clarins Paris Deluxe Facial - $79

Extras for Facials
Each $20
Choose from neck and shoulder massage, paraffin hand treatment, eyelash and eyebrow tint, foot scrub and massage, hand and arm exfoliation, lip plumping, toe nail or fingernail paint.

Back Detox - Cleanse, exfoliate, steam and extraction, treatment gel to smooth and rebalance - $59

Japanese Dry Body Brushing - Body brush, hot towels, moisturise, half hour vibrosaun and foot detox - $120

Full Body Massage - Feel every trace of tension melt away. Antidote for stress, anxiety or overworked muscles - $75

Men's Pamper - Relaxing back massage, facial treatment and hand foot rejuvenation - $95

Hot Stone Massage - Deep tensions released with volcanic hot stones. Inner cleansing and drainage is promoted - $99

Over Exposure - Soothes face and body. Eases discomfort of sunburnt skin - $69

Mini Retreat - Body exfoliation, wash down, moisturise and half hour vibrosaun - $89

Pregnancy - Massage, face, hands, body, feet - $79

Sunset Glow - We exfoliate and hydrate face and body to give your skin a golden glow - $80

How it works: increase blood flow and intake of oxygen. The body cells use oxygen to burn up carbohydrates and then fat cells. Removal of body wastes and lactic acids. A good way to unwind.
1/2 hr $30 - 1 hr $50

Foot Detox - Mary Scaggs foot bath draws out toxins while you relax. Recommended 1 per week until water clears. Eliminates body rust - $39

Enquire now and let us organise the perfect way to begin your holiday!

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